It's the beginning of 2021 and it's winter in Denmark. It's my first winter in Denmark and it's also my first time to experience snow. It has been my dream to photoshoot in snow and I was so lucky when I did my first snow photoshoot with my little nephew who is also having his first snow experience. It was a spontaneous photoshoot. The snow only stayed for 2 days and we shoot on the 2nd day. My sister-in-law Lone prepared the right clothes for Carl's photoshoot to make sure he is warm and doesn't get wet even when he sits on the snow. We went to the closest park here in Ølgod and started the photoshoot. In some parts, the snow were already starting to melt but we found this spot by the bridge full of snow on it and we also found a small snowman made by someone. The snowman was just sitting there and I thought it would be perfect to include it in the photoshoot.

When you photoshoot kids, you have to be quick. They can't stay in one position or one place for a long time. In just a matter of seconds they will start to move around. After being satisfied with my shots, we decided to move to another place. We found this little forest which they call Børneskoven (translated as The Children's Forest). There were benches and tables which we thought would be cute to put Carl on and take photos.

With the help of Lone (Carl's mom) who was entertaining Carl just behind the camera, I was able to capture Carl smiling. A kid's smile is so precious. You can't tell them how to pose in the camera. It takes a lot of shots and a lot of patience because just in a snap, they can easily change their mood.

When I do toddler photography, I always communicate with the parent beforehand to make sure that the kid has enough sleep so they are in good mood during the shoot. I don't force kids if they are not in the mood so I take breaks in between the shoot.