I always do portraits of people but I also wanted to try pet portraits. So in March of 2022, I contacted my friend Petra who owns two dogs. I asked her if I could do a photoshoot with her two lovely dogs. I was so glad that she agreed and we decided to do the photoshoot in Letbæk Mølle.

Petra and her husband Hans Peter own two dogs. One is Belgian Tigers Crazy Carlotta, aka Lotta for short - a 10-year-old Malinois.

The second dog is Winifred Agoge Acker, aka Winnie for short - a 3-year-old Malinois. As of this writing, just two weeks ago, Winnie gave birth to two cute puppies named Angus and Abby.

These dogs are well trained so I didn't have any difficulty working with them. With the help of the owners, Petra and Hans Peter, the photo shoot went smoothly. They made sure that the dogs were rewarded with food every after pose.