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Through the lens, I capture moments that whisper eternity.

I'm a professional lifestyle and event photographer based in Ølgod, Denmark. I previously worked for Sweet Escape in Dubai, where I specialized in taking tourists to popular spots and hidden gems to capture their special moments.

I earned a Multimedia Design degree from EASV in Esbjerg, Denmark, enhancing my expertise in photography, photo editing, web development, and graphic design.

I'm excited to continue growing my craft and delivering high-quality photography services to my clients.

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How long have you been doing photography?

I began pursuing photography in 2012, and it has become a passion of mine ever since. Whenever I travel, I always bring my camera with me to capture moments, places, and things that catch my attention because I find them interesting or beautiful. I love how looking back at my photos brings back memories and emotions.

What camera are you using?

At the moment, my photography equipment consists of a Sony A7 III camera and my favorite lens for portraits, the Canon 85mm F1.8. Additionally, I have a Canon 16-35mm F4 lens that I use for travel or when I need to capture wider or larger subjects such as venues.

What is your favorite photography theme?

I have a particular fondness for themes that are magical, fantasy-inspired, or vintage in style.