Early this September, I met up with Christina and her family for a photo shoot here in Ølgod. The weather can be very unpredictable here in Denmark and we were lucky to have beautiful weather that day.

Prior to the photoshoot, I and Christina exchanged messages as to how the photoshoot would be and where to shoot it. I suggest here in the forest in Ølgod because it's full of trees and makes a perfect background. I also told them some colors that they can wear as a family so they are coordinated and it would bring out a beautiful result in the photo.

Christina and her family did a great job in choosing the color theme for the photoshoot coz it just matches the background.

In most of my family photoshoots, I would start with the whole group. This helps in warming them up and make them comfortable. I take photos of them looking at the camera and some shots where I allow them to talk and smile at each other to make it more natural.

I would then group them into smaller groups with their own partners and children.

I want my photoshoot to be fun for my clients so I can capture more of their natural emotions and I also want to make this time a bonding time for them.

Photos make a great gift for your loved one. It's a timeless gift. It's a moment frozen in time. You can always look at it and reminisce a moment in the past.